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As soccer is much more than winning games and a collection of practice activities, thus a natural and veritable soccer club is more than simply a business. Soccer is a way of life, a life that comes with responsibility—the RESPONSIBILITY of developing and safeguarding our own soccer culture. 

With counterselection lasting many decades, now faced with a dramatic loss of trust, the keystone or keyword of the New American Soccer Methodology must be CREDIBILITY. 

Attila Nyiri in front of La Masia in Barcelona with Coach Laureano Ruiz

“A soccer player is made, not born!”       -Laureano Ruiz

What do I offer?

The emphasis of the training is to prepare young players for the rigors
of technical demands of the game of soccer as well as to improve and hone all
of their existing skills to improve as soccer players. I will provide
players with the needed skills to support play at all levels and begin preparation
for any possible tryouts for travel, premier and pro-academies.
The training will be run by Coach Attila Nyiri Director of Coaching / Technical
Director. The training will encompass Technical, Tactical, and some Physical
aspects beneficial to all aspiring players from beginners to Collegiate levels.
All parts of the training will be conducted by Coach Nyiri.
The technical sessions will concentrate on all necessary technical aspects of
the game using the Attila Nyiri Soccer Coaching Method.)
If you crave an unbelievable experience and are serious about improving your
technical ability and understanding of the game to achieve your playing goals as well
as increase being noticed at any upcoming tryouts. Attending our trainings is a vital


As a result of the aforementioned the training sessions, and curriculums will follow a regimented plan consistent with the Attila Nyiri Methodology. 

1 on 1 Training

1 on 1 Training

Training with Attila Nyiri Methodologies.


1 on 1 training will allow the trainer to gauge opportunities of where the player may need improvements. However, it is important to note that there are specific benchmarks that a player should meet prior to focusing on specific trainings. 

Group Training

Group Training

Group Training with Attila Nyiri Methodologies.

Group Training will allow the player to develop together with other players that are on the same skill level. This method allows players to be pushed, imitate other players and furthering their development.

Team Training

Team Training

Training with Attila Nyiri Methodologies.

Team training allows teams to develop technically and tactically together. It also allows coaches to observe and participate on a different style of coaching/training.   


Individualized Soccer Curriculum

Attila's soccer curriculum

Age specific curricula that entail specific trainings, conditionings, and games that can be used to develop a player. Detail explanations of the excercises will be provided.


Goshen, NY, USA

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