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My daughter Xylia has improved tremendously under Coach Attila. His knowledge and his ability to teach is like no other. My daughter technical skills have improved vastly. He is very methodical and does not move to more difficult drills until 1 is mastered. When Xylia began with Attila she could only do 16 juggles, mostly with her right foot, within 1 month she improved to 100 and within a 6 month period she was able to do over 1000 juggles. If his methods are followed the child will improve and develop technically.

Ronald Martinez

Attila is an amazing coach and person. He has helped all my children, but especially my daughter who just finished her senior year playing college soccer. Attila fostered in her a complete love of the game, but more importantly a belief that she could work to become better each year. His knowledge of the game is only second to his passion for it and bringing out the best in each player he coaches.

James Mcgee

Attila is without a doubt the best soccer coach and trainer that our son has worked with since he started playing soccer 12 years ago. Coach Attila truly cares about his players and his system of development helped transform our son into the soccer player he is today.

Adam Sawyer

It is hard to find a more qualified soccer coach in the United States for the development of players. Attila understands what it takes to actually be a great player, a man who spent his whole life involved in the sport in both Europe and America. The wisdom of 30+ years of coaching along with vital experience as a player in proper soccer environments is extremely hard to find anywhere in the US.

Attila has a real methodology; based on decades of experience, years of further education, and conducting actual research.

If you or your child want to improve, and be the best player that they can be Coach Attila is the right choice.


Had a good fortune of having Coach Attila for a group training session for my daughter last week. Obviously so knowledgeable and really detail oriented. Training was fast paced, and engaging. Love that he took the time at the end to chat with my 12-year-old, and really connect with her. Excellent experience, and we look forward to training with him again!

Patrick Ryan

Coach Attila is amazing!! My son learned more tactically in a handful of sessions with Coach Attila than he had playing years at a top academy. I highly recommend him if you want to take your son or daughter to the next level.

Mr. Cas

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