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The 7 +2

I've been thinking about the birth of a New American Soccer Method for many years. In my estimation, as every branch of sport and industry continuously renews itself, so can the sport of soccer. But in our case, the United States is very fortunate because we never, honestly, had our distinct methodology. 

It is high time to understand that the above is not a manifesto but the opinion of highly qualified coaches, owners, administrators, who, unfortunately, hold these views but still maintain their silence in public due to concern for the loss of employment and of being outright canceled. I, on the other hand, have nothing to fear. 

The viewpoint of the New American Soccer Method:


As soccer is much more than winning games and a collection of practice activities, thus a natural and veritable soccer club is more than simply a business. Soccer is a way of life, a life that comes with responsibility—the RESPONSIBILITY of developing and safeguarding our own soccer culture. 

With counterselection lasting many decades, now faced with a dramatic loss of trust, the keystone or keyword of the New American Soccer Methodology must be CREDIBILITY. 


The coaches and trainers who do not train systematically and age-appropriately but merely for financial gain betray their profession. Club owners who present these sessions with inappropriate trainers and methods fool their clients and club. The parents who accept this common occurrence either knowingly or unknowingly betray themselves. 

Soccer clubs have a burning need for demanding clients (parents); therefore, it is in their best interest to develop and form a "public taste." The greatest ally of clubs in this endeavor should be the local league and state association which, together with the federation, should provide state-of-the-art and avant-garde coaching education. 

It is the responsibility of clubs to provide and maintain the federation and local association by cooperating and embracing, therefore; sending coaches to these high-level coaching courses. Conversely, it is the responsibility of the associations to maintain an extremely high-level coaching education program, so our coaches are not merely clones of the past, of bygone eras, but the stalwarts of a new dawn and a brighter future. 

The fundamental condition for the renewal of American Soccer is the guarantee of avant-garde AMERICAN coaching education. Today this is not the case! not even with the NEW UUSF "A" licenses. Thus, the obsolete soccer curriculum can no longer be patched up and manipulated in all respects and aspects. 


One of the essential aspects of the New American Soccer Method is returning to our roots and developing an American Curriculum. It should not rely on old cookie-cutter, "true and tried" old sessions, and hodgepodge European and South American methods. However, it should be new, refined, reduced, and clarified. It should address the needs of embedded, embodied, enabled, and encultured American children. Coaches and clubs must immediately seize the practice of exploiting the gifted players for wins and trophies without aiding their development and turning that gift into talent.


We must stand in opposition and provide alternatives against the tsunami of fake, soccer-like soccer products. We must also resist the "imposters" and the prostituted, degenerated programs--regardless of their promise of greatness, as they directly affect and at the same time exclude the essence of the coaching professions. The "additives" to the cookie-cutter uniformity of sessions coupled with a lack of qualified, licensed, and knowledgeable coaches, is not only a professional-vocational-ethical question, but the regular consumption of it is also a public concern. We must stand firm against the unreasonableness of the bureaucracy. Stop the myriads of illogical and obsolete rules that often render soccer activity impossible and, as a result, make US Soccer uncompetitive on the world stage. Overburdening the game with useless, self-imposed limitations, yet frequently neglecting essential ones, poses a detriment for the game. Through it all, quality soccer instruction in the US is not necessarily guaranteed, but the bureaucracy's over handedness, rigidity, and unbearable stifling is. Therefore, we look for cooperation with civil and civic organizations that favor quality programs and quality markets for quality instruction. We seek alliances with representatives of the sciences, culture, and politics who desire and are willing and able to act for and on behalf of these stated goals and purposes. 


The central focus and point of the New American Soccer Method is the interest of all common actors to bring positive changes to all the levels in our soccer culture. The absence of grassroots "simple" but expert youth soccer clubs presents a painful void. 

International experiences must awaken us to understanding and achieving only an acceptable level in "simplicity," the road leads through the highest level of soccer instruction because "acceptable" simplicity commands vocational excellence and know-how. 

We firmly believe that tournaments and championships of the highest caliber with objective assessments and the financial assistance of the talented will aid in bringing about positive changes. 


The New American Soccer Method is innovative and creative. Innovation and innovativeness are the ability of differentiation. Creativity is the result of consistent work and polished knowledge in the sport. No coach is readily gifted with these virtues. They must learn and master both.

Creative soccer methods use new and innovative processes and techniques, aided by new mechanical, electronic, and computerized equipment. Creative soccer methods accentuate the use of all "soccer products" of the past, but at the same time, do not deny the polishing and refining and renewing the old "technology." It is also not afraid to use the proven methods of other cultures to give more texture to the curriculum, but only if these solidify the material taught to players and diversify their knowledge base.  

Traditions and Evolution

We desire to maintain only the good and valuable traditional components. BAD HABITS ARE NOT CHERISHED TRADITIONS. 

We consider it a glorious tradition to strive for quality and openness. The traditional coach is open to the universality of their profession, open to the knowledge accumulated worldwide, and follows the development of their trade on an international micro and macro level. 

For a long time, US Soccer was synonymous with playfulness demonstrated at the first world cup, even at the 1950 world cup. It was an acceptable, good soccer product that delivered results and silverware at the highest level. The New American Soccer Method should return to this measure.

American soccer had many roots, later distorted by history as it became what it is today, hopefully not its final state. But in reality, there is no final state, as the history of soccer does not end. 

The concept of American Soccer cannot be interpreted as a national memorial recipe! "Grandpa's soccer tricks and pointers can be an essential source of inspiration, but bringing it back, implementing it, is not a meaningful goal."

American soccer is not an inherited backpack that every generation is obliged to carry on as it is received. The bag must be opened, the spoiled goods discarded, and the pack then refilled with new concepts and content.

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